My 2018 Crypto Goals

Below are a number of goals I would like to complete in 2018 to continue educating myself in crypto.

Reading Goals:

[X] – Finish the 60 free Princeton Bitcoin lectures (Highly Recommended. Fantastic Resource!)

[ ] – Finish Mastering Bitcoin (over half done)

[ ] – Read the Bitcoin Developer Reference (again)

[ ] – Read the Developer Guide

[ ] – Read the Bitcoin Wiki

[ ] – Read and take notes on all of these great looking resources:

[ ] – Bitcoins the hard way: Using the raw Bitcoin protocol

[ ] – Learning Bitcoin from the Command Line

[ ] – How to Parse the Bitcion Blockchain

[ ] – Programming The Blockchain in C#

[X] – How the Bitcion protocol actually works

[X] – Add more items to this list!

Learning to code goals: 

[X] – Make an accepted commit on any Github projectDONE: Move maxPublicKeysPerMultiSig to Consensus

[ ] – Make a blockchain visualization/breakdown tool

[X] – Make a PoW validator

[ ] – Watch all Bitcoin Edge Dev Tutorials

[X] – Add more items to this list!

In closing, I must link to Jameson Lopps personal website, where I found many of these articles and resources. Much thanks to him for compiling such a great list.